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Racing Tire Warmers

Providing high quality tire warmers for road racing, autocross, and hill climbs. and Demon Speed Motorsports

We provide tire warmers for virtually any size tires and country power requirements.


  • Digital temperature controllers
    • Microprocessor controlled
    • Readouts show actual tire temperatures while they are heating, not just the temperature set point
  • Temperatures can be set from 100 to 210 degrees
  • Blankets are made from rugged heat resistant and stain resistant material.
  • Two sets of side covers are included for heating tires on or off the vehicle.
  • One full set (2 controllers and 4 warmers) can be powered by a 2000W generator for the standard power and a 3200W generator for the high power
  • Carrying tote included


Save Track Time

Most track sessions are about 30 minutes long. Most of us leave the pits with cold tires and spend the first two or 3 laps warming our tires to temperature. Now, this time can be spent practicing, qualifying or racing. This means that you will pick up about 5 minutes per session driving your car at speed instead of warming your tires. The 5 minutes you save over the length of the 30 minute session gives you 15% more track time.

Increase Your On-Track Safety

Going out on track with cold tires is dangerous. If not to pressure or temperature, the car is more likely to react in a way that is unexpected. Warming your tires and increasing the pressure makes your tires more predictable and complicate to increase traction and reduce the chance that something unexpected will happen.

Demon Speed Motorsports Tire Warmer kit

Set Actual Hot Pressures

Now you can set you tire before you leave the paddock. We have found with our tire size and brand that we set our temperature to 180 degrees in the paddock. The tire pressures get to approximately 2 psi lower than what we see when we come in after the session, so we simply are able to set our temps to 2 psi lower than the optimum. No worries about compensating for the ambient temperature.

Save Heat Cycles

When you have multiple sessions in the day, you can limit the number of heat cycles your tires see by setting them to a lower temperature between sessions, then bringing the temperature back up an hour before the next session. We set ours at 125 degrees when we want to keep the tires at a warm temperature between sessions, and then put them back to 175 degrees before the next time out.

Win More Races

This is of course the big one. Everyone who races has at one point in time heard the saying “you can’t win the race in the first corner, but you can sure loose it”. Well, we want to give you the best chance that you have to not only “not lose it” but also to win it. Having the advantage of warm tires in the first two to three laps as compared to the competition can be the difference you need to gain and keep the lead through the race.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with the purchase?
For the cost of the tire warmers, you receive, 4 tire blankets, two digital controllers (each controller powers two tires), 8 side covers (use 4 if warming on the car and 8 to use if warming off the car), and a carry tote for storage of the warmers

How much power is required to run the tire warmers?
A set of 4 tire blankets can be powered by a 2000w generator

What temperature should the tire warmers be set at?
You should consult with your tire manufacture. Most would recommend a temperature of 175. Our experience with different manufactures of tires, 175 degrees works very well.

How hot will the tire warmers get my tires?
The controllers will set up to 210 degrees F, but depending on the size of your tire, you will only see between 170 and 185 degrees maximum. The larger the tire size, the more area there is to keep warm. The controllers were designed around being able to use a 2000W generator, so the power demand can limit the temperature. But, since 175 is the typically advised temperature to set the tires at, you will still be at optimum temperatures.

What is the heat up time?
As little as 45 minutes will get the tires to temperature, but we recommend an hour. And, we recommend heating the tires on the car. By heating the tires on the car, you will also heat the wheel, the hub, and the rotor. This allows these other components to help hold more heat to your tires.

Are the warmers waterproof?
No, Demon Speed tire warmers should not be used in the rain or in a wet area. The controllers are not made for wet environments.

With my racing, I go to grid and sometimes sit in grid for 10 minutes or more, do I still have an advantage over not using a tire warmer?
We have done studies with cockpit tire pressure monitors to measure the effect of the heated or non-heated tire. What we see is that the heated tire, even when held in the false grid for 10 minutes only lose about 1.5 PSI of pressure showing that the tires are still close to temperature and much closer to pressure than tires that were not heated.

Why buy Demon Speed tire warmers?
Demon Speed tire warmers are simple to use and quick and easy to mount and remove.
Digital controllers tell you what temperature your tires are at and show if the heating elements are active or not.
At Demon Speed, we are not only parts manufactures and suppliers, but we are racers as well. We pride ourselves in finding or creating the best products for our fellow racers. We also use all of the products that we sell, so you can find us at the race track for a personal demonstration of the products.
Demon Speed is a combination of a high quality product at a very cost conscious price.

Warranty Information

All Demon Speed Tire Warmers come with a one year warranty from date of purchase.

Warranty cards MUST be filled out and sent in to our physical address within 30 days of purchase.

Demon Speed will, at their option, repair or replace defective warmers free of charge during the warranty period, including standard UPS shipping to the customer.

This includes ANY flaw during the manufacturing process including normal heat-up, temperature accuracy or failure.

The warranty only excludes misuse or abuse to the product, such as:
• Setting the car down while the tire warmer is mounted on the tires
• Leaving the warmer plugged in or energized while NOT mounted on a tire
• Bunching or folding the warmer over during operation
• Using on the incorrect tire size, over-lapping the warmer
• Stepping on, driving over or crushing the warmer
• Driving away with the warmers still mounted
• Tampering or disassembly of the controllers is Powered by Demon Speed Motorsports

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